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Jung Pumpen u3k Waste Water Pump

The Jung Pumpen u3k (S) is an adaptable centrifugal submersible pump for both fixed and transportable use.

The pump removes rain water, lightly polluted water and domestic waste from household appliances such as washing machines and dishwater, but it is not suited to urinal or lavatory effluent.

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The Jung Pumpen u3k(S) is an extremely versatile centrifugal submersible pump for stationary and portable use. EIP technology for safer operation, integrated flushing device for reducing deposits and integrated low level pumping for preventing flooding are only a few of the innovative features that set this pump apart.

In stationary use the U3KS with automatic switching removes the water from drains in cellars, laundries or storerooms and serves as a flood protection. The guide rail system GR 32 offers all the advantages of fast and easy maintenance.

For mildly aggressive media such as brackish water, condensate from condensing boilers, liquid manure etc., the Jung Pumpen U3K spezial should be used.

Key Information

  • Continuous operation when not submerged
  • Safe to run dry
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Clearly defined switching levels
  • Protection against moisture penetration

Technical Information

  • 10 mm solids handling
  • discharge 1 1/4″
  • Available with or without float switch
  • Hmax = 7 m
  • Qmax = 6,5 m3/h


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