DAB water pumps are synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability in the field of water pumping solutions. With a rich heritage spanning decades, DAB has cemented its position as a trusted manufacturer of innovative and efficient pumps.

Their extensive product range caters to various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. From submersible pumps for well and borehole applications to centrifugal pumps for boosting water pressure, DAB offers a diverse portfolio to meet the diverse needs of customers.

These pumps are built to deliver optimal performance, energy efficiency, and longevity, ensuring seamless operation and customer satisfaction. With a strong commitment to research and development, DAB continues to push the boundaries of pump technology, providing cutting-edge solutions for water management.

As reputable DAB Pump stockists in the UK, we take pride in our extensive inventory of DAB water pumps, allowing us to offer the most competitive prices in the market. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond providing products; we also offer comprehensive technical support for DAB pumps.

While we provide examples of DAB pumps below, it’s important to note that the range is vast. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, our knowledgeable team is just a phone call away at 0118 9821 555. They will assist you in correctly specifying the pump you require and provide you with a competitive price.

Piranha Grinder Pump

DAB PUMPS ESYBOX cold water booster set

The best-selling DAB ESYBOX electronic cold water booster set is a WRAS approved solution from DAB for water pressure boosting in domestic and residential applications and can increase pressure to taps, showers, appliances, garden taps and for water from rainwater harvesting systems.

Esybox is a patented booster system, unique in its category, with high performances, efficient, compact, easy and satisfying in the use both for the installer and the final user.
When Esybox mini is the solution for water boosting in small dwellings, Esybox offers the same advantages in collective residential applications, such as villas or condos. Wireless technology allows to set up booster sets up to 4 pumps.

Esybox Mini 3

DAB PUMPS ESYBOX MINI 3, Automatic booster system with inverter

It has a different appearance than any other pressurization system, it’s small and completely integrated. When you install and use it, you realize that the real difference is in the comfort and performance. Esybox Mini 3 uses the most advanced DAB technologies to enable constant pressure according to the demand, ensuring optimization of energy consumption. The impellers model provides noise reduction and consumption. Managing the water pressure in your home has never been so simple and silent.

ABS Robusta Pump

DAB submersible pump, Sewage

Grinder FX by DAB s a submersible pump with shredder designed for lifting and transferring sewage water in commercial building service.

Dab Pumps

Garden Jet
A portable self-priming centrifugal pump

K Single-impeller
centrifugal pump

Pump Controller

Jet Centrifugal
self-priming pump

I first used Pump Technology Ltd, leading up to the London Olympics. They sized and supplied duty standby submersible sewage pumps and a control panel for a pumping station servicing the site services and offices for Morrison Construction during the long build of the Olympic facilities. During this period the reliability of the pumping station was faultless, impressive considering the site environment they were servicing. I continue to find the assistance from the experienced team at Pump Technology Ltd, invalid, solving pumping problems and matching pumps and control panels to provide reliable pumping systems that I am confident in supplying and installing”.

Ricki Foakes, RFM Pipeline (Water & Utility Services)

We use Pump Technology Ltd, to source all our replacement wastewater and sewage pumps, plus replacement of Saniflo commercial pumping systems as well.
They hold a diverse range of pumps and can generally replace like for like, or if a model is now superceded they are excellent at selecting an equivalent, both pumping performance and fit.
With their large stocks, new pumps are dispatched to us the same day of enquiry for a next day delivery, their assistance and service means we are always confident in solving our clients pumping problems promptly

Trever Hogsden, Technical Drain solutions Ltd.

Over the past year in particular, I have dealt more and more with Will McPhee, mainly with KSB & Hidrostal enquiries.

His customer service is second to none. The speed of reply is exceptional in addition to his awareness of ongoing/outstanding orders and enquiries.

I did deal with pump technology prior to this year but with nowhere near the same service. That’s not to say the previous level of service wasn’t sufficient, it’s just a statement of how much it has improved.

Michael Fairlie Assistant Projects Manager & Workshop Co-Ordinator
Ritchie Mackenzie & Co. Ltd.

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