Caravan, Camping, and Glamping Sites

With staycation now being the norm, your caravan, camping, or glamping site is going to be full all year and this will test your site’s services to their limit.

Be it water supply, wastewater drainage, sewage pumping, or potential flooding, correctly sized and maintained pumping equipment will reliably keep all visitors happy which will amount to great reviews for your business. (no-one wants broken toilets or feeble showers on holiday!)

Our national maintenance and repair team Pump Technology Services Ltd, Tel- 0118 338 5727 can look after your pumping station for you- Preventative maintenance and repair.

Sometimes the age of your pumping station or the growth of your caravan and camping site means the current pumping station is not suitable. Our in-house drainage consultant will be able to advise on the refurbishment or installation of a new pumping station.


Commonly used products include

The DrainMajor

The Drainmajor is a fully automatic wastewater pumping system suitable for installations where gravity drainage is not possible. This unit is designed to pump wastewater from washbasins, utility sinks or any situation where wastewater needs to be collected and pumped to the drainage system.

We are the only supplier that specialises in dirty water pumps for the disposal of very hot dirty water that is common in kitchens, onsite laundries and especially coffee making areas.

MiniMatic Below Ground Sewage Pumping Station

The PTL Minimatic Sewage Pump Station is suitable for sewage pumping installations where gravity flow is not available. It can also be used for a variety of drainage applications.
It is ideal for small applications and is designed for fast, easy installation. This unit is particularly suitable when water or sewage is collected at a lower level than the main sewer or a septic tank system and requires pumping uphill into these.

The Compli Range Of Sewage Pump Systems

Using this floor mounted sewage pump technology you are able to put a bank of toilets where you need them, and the other advantage is that they are able to handle other sanitary items that can sometimes be put down the toilet.

Flushmaster Toilet Waste Pump

The Flushmaster toilet waste pump is a fully automatic wastewater pumping system suitable for domestic installations where gravity drainage is an issue. With the FlushMaster you can now fit a toilet almost anywhere. It can easily discharge via high heads, long pipe runs, multiple bends and double lifts, enabling pipework to be kept hidden out of sight. This is possible because the FlushMaster uses a submersible, open, free flow, vortex impeller pump and not a domestic cutter pump.

Sustainable Incineration Toilets from Cinderella

Cinderella’s incinerating toilets are very eco-friendly. They are neither dependent on soil or water, or electricity for that matter – you can choose the model that runs on gas if you have limited electricity.

The only end product from the toilet is ash that is completely sterilized and contains natural potassium and phosphorus. This means that the inert ash is completely clean and bursting with nutrients. It is simply super as fertilizer for lawns and flowerbeds.

Caprari Borehole Pumps For Irrigation

Through our partnership with Caprari, we can supply common pumps for many irrigation applications, from small to large scale irrigation products for operation on the surface or via a submersible unit.

Water Pressure Booster Pumps

Low water pressure and the demand for constant pressure is becoming a huge issue. The water authorities are not always meeting current demands in domestic, commercial or industrial situations, which is why you might need to look at a water pressure booster.

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