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Help for consulting engineers

As a consultant engineer, you can save time and effort, plus be assured your specified pump selection is right first time. Only ask Pump Technology to select the correct pump or pump system for your application.

For all your domestic and commercial- Water, Wastewater and sewage pump and pump station requirements our in-house consulting engineer and experienced team of pump engineers have the detailed knowledge and in-depth experience to provide the correct pumping solution for you.
Pump Technology Ltd is the leading UK independent pump supplier; we are recommended by the top pump brands and consultancy firms alike for providing the best technical and commercial solution.

Pump Technology Ltd pumps are the specified choice for the end-users, housing developers, retail, water companies…. For example- M&S, Costa Coffee, Southern Water….

Pump Technology Ltd provides support for its specified products nationally via our accredited Pumping Partners- Site surveys, installation, commissioning, warranty, maintenance, 24/7 repair.

Our 3D BIM library portal

The 3D BIM library portal can be found here

You can view some of our products in 3D. You can then configure/select and download a 3D BIM model in over 150 native CAD formats such as Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Microstation etc, as well as download a 3D PDF datasheet of their configured product.

This will save time and effort by allowing you to incorporate the 3D BIM products into your complete 3D virtual BIM design. The models will also include piping and electrical connection information as well as other technical information, allowing you to design piping runs early in the building design phase if wished.

When you download a 3D BIM product, you can also link with us. This allows the technical team to start a conversation to ensure you have the best solution for your application.

Pump Technology Ltd, provide CPD’s / lunch & learn sessions

We can keep you up-to-date with the latest regulations, new products and changes in the market. Adoption of private sewage pumping stations for example. Additionally, we always bring pumping products with us for your hands-on viewing.

In-house pump manufacturers training

Pump Technology Ltd also provided dedicated pump brand training. These are half or one-day courses held in the manufacturers own training centres:

  • Jung Pumpen
  • Xylem (Lowara & Flygt)
  • Grundfos
  • KSB

For your One Stop Pump Solution bolt the Pump Technology team onto your firm!

Pentair Jung Pumpen GmbH ( Germany) and Pump Technology Ltd unite a long and trustworthy relationship.
Pentair Jung Pumpen are proud to have Pump Technology Ltd as an effective partner and stockist for the UK market.

This partnership has generated several leading pump projects and Pentair Jung Pumpen is confident in the specification, selection, supply and maintenance work completed by Pump Technology Ltd.

We are looking forward to a successful and growing cooperation.

i.V. Werner Schuhegger, Vertriebsleitung Water Disposal EMEA, Water Technologies, Pentair


CPD’s & training

“Thank you for coming in. it was an interesting presentation for something that we don’t have much information about. If anything does come up, we’ll definitely be in touch.”
Oliver Johnson Troup Bywaters + Anders

We don’t have a massive call for pumped solutions but as and when we have always turned to Pump Technology on the basis of good reliable products and great support.

James Read Senior Mechanical Engineer, BEng (Hons) MCIBSE, CJ Design Partnership


To help you

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Points of contact

  • In-house Consultant – Steve Murphy BEng (Hons) MIEA
  • Contracts Manager- Matthew Camille
  • Business Development Manager- David Johnson (CPD’s, Consultants, Contractors, End Users)
  • Sales Manager- Derek Bryant(Local & National Merchants)

Our own CPD

To ensure we give you the best advice, we continuously provide our team with training. Delivered by our manufacturers we get everything we need to know straight from the horse’s mouth.

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