Pump Products

If you need a pump selection and price and you-

  • Need it quickly
  • Need clear supporting data
  • Need a person that you can discuss the proposal with

That’s what the Project, Application Team and Field Sales Engineers at Pump Technology will do for you, nothing unique in this, but we do it well, time and time again.

The leading pump manufacturers trust us to support their products, to get the right pump selection for you. So whilst the leading branded pumps are all of high quality, some pumps are more equal than others when the pumping environment and system are fully considered. We do all the application and pump conundrums for you to ensure you purchase the correct pump, a reliable pump at a competitive price.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of payment options to suit you, for example-

  • Set up a credit account with Pump Technology Ltd
  • Purchase via an existing credit account, for example, your local merchant
  • Pay by credit card or BACS

All products supplied by Pump Technology are supported by Warranty and through our National Pumping Partners, we offer- installation, commissioning, maintenance & breakdown cover.

Points of contact

  • Project Manager- Steve Murphy
  • Application Team Manager- Matthew Camille
  • Business Development Manager- David Johnson (CPD’s, Consultants, Contractors, End Users)
  • Sales Manager- Derek Bryant(Local & National Merchants)


Get it right the 1st time

” I just wanted to say thank you for your time last week in ensuring we received the pump. Your efforts in tracking down the courier and arranging for me to collect the pump were greatly appreciated. I was very impressed with the level of service you provided.

Rob North Pure North Cider


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