Garden office installations

With home working now being the norm, a lot of people are setting up offices in their gardens and converting existing sheds, or buying new purpose-built structures for this environment.

As this is a building separate to the house, and to keep in ‘work-mode’ many people opt to have a small kitchen area (with tea and coffee making facilities) and if the space is large enough even a separate toilet area. This prevents the need to keep popping back into a home environment.

The main considerations are the supply of freshwater from the mains; and the discharge of wastewater and sewage.

With space at a premium, we have many products that can be used to fit this purpose and give you the access you need to connect to the drainage. Of course, everything will depend on the lay of the land, and we will be able to assist with the correct specification so that it is in line with any site restrictions and building regulations.

Commonly used products include

MiniMatic Below Ground Sewage Pumping Station

The PTL Minimatic Sewage Pump Station is suitable for domestic sewage pumping installations where gravity flow is not available. It can also be used for a variety of drainage applications.
It is ideal for extensions, garden rooms and similar small applications and is designed for fast, easy installation. This unit is particularly suitable when water or sewage is collected at a lower level than the main sewer or a septic tank system and requires pumping uphill into these.

Flushmaster Toilet Waste Pump

The Flushmaster toilet waste pump is a fully automatic wastewater pumping system suitable for domestic installations where gravity drainage is an issue. With the FlushMaster you can now fit a toilet almost anywhere. It can easily discharge via high heads, long pipe runs, multiple bends and double lifts, enabling pipework to be kept hidden out of sight. This is possible because the FlushMaster uses a submersible, open, free flow, vortex impeller pump and not a domestic cutter pump.

Sustainable Incineration Toilets from Cinderella

Cinderella’s incinerating toilets are very eco-friendly. They are neither dependent on soil or water, or electricity for that matter – you can choose the model that runs on gas if you have limited electricity.

The only end product from the toilet is ash that is completely sterilized and contains natural potassium and phosphorus. This means that the inert ash is completely clean and bursting with nutrients. It is simply super as fertilizer for lawns and flowerbeds.

PlancoFix Plus From Jung

Jung Pumpen’s Plancofix is the first fully-fledged floor drainage pump for floor-level showers. Built into your bathroom floor, the floor drainage pump transports the shower water quietly and well concealed into the nearest existing drain. From here it flows down its own natural way, simple and just as desired. It’s as easy as that. Plancofix is a floor drainage pump that allows barrier-free or low entry showers to be fitted even where the lack of a gravity drain ruled out this option in the past. It must not be used for back flow protection.

Whale Shower Solutions

We hold in stock an extensive range of Whale Pumps, pump systems, spares and accessories and have the biggest stocks in the UK for showers and wetrooms. We will dispatch your goods the same day.

The dedicated Whale Division of Pump Technology Ltd has over 26 years’ experience specifying, selecting, supplying and providing after-sales support nationally for Whale products. Take a look at our dedicated website

Read some case studies of our previous work

  • Recently, Dore Garden Offices were commissioned to construct just such a garden room for use as an office, entertainment space and additional guest bedroom in a property in East Midlands. This build needed to include kitchen and bathroom facilities.

  • The owners of a new, luxury home in Aldershot wanted to install kitchen facilities for their patio and barbeque area. Since there was no suitable gravity drainage from this facility, Kassia Drains Ltd, who specialise in drain surveys, repair and problem solving throughout Kent, Essex and London, were asked to suggest a solution.

  • A private resident wished to have a Shepherds hut constructed as an additional amenity for her garden, and also enable it to be used for accommodation occasionally.

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