Help for merchants, installers and electrical wholesalers

Plumbers and Mechanical Engineers are being asked to not only install and repair pump systems but also specify new or replacement pumps / systems. They go to you for help, advice and supply.

There are literally hundreds of different pump models to choose from, can your counter staff be expected to know all the answers, let alone hold the right product in stock!

How do you best service the customer’s needs, keep the customer in branch, gain a happy / loyal customer?

Pump Technology offer you a solution

Call our expert Application Team immediately, we will make the correct pump selection for you, dispatch the equipment from stock the same day, ensure you make a profitable margin. Plus you have a happy customer.


Bolt Pump Technology onto your trade counter. Ensure your counter staff knows who to call, we provide you with excellent terms, we hold all the equipment in stock, we dispatch the same day to your branch or direct to your customer. This is your One Stop Pump Shop solution, works every time! Call Pump Technology, ask for Derek Bryant to visit and discuss with you.


The BENEFITS to you are


When your customer comes into your trade counter or phones with an enquiry for almost any form of pump system, you can sell a Pump, make a profit and KEEP your customer.

2) It’s tried and TESTED:

We have carried out test marketing in various branches of Merchants and Wholesalers just like you asking for a particular product or pump system. In 60% of the cases, they shrugged their shoulders and said ‘can’t help mate, don’t know who they are’. Don’t let that be you!

3) Our simple SOLUTION:

We act ON BEHALF OF YOUR BRANCH to handle enquiries – anything from a single pump to a sewage or waste water pumping station (which could be as much as £20,000) in many cases. The sale goes to you and we can even deliver the goods to site on your behalf, with obvious cost savings.

4) Project & sales department SUPPORT:

Pump Technology Ltd can also work with your project departments and sales representatives to ensure that anything to do with pumps and pump systems becomes a profitable opportunity for you.

5) Talk to REAL PEOPLE:

Pump Technology Ltd has a rapid response Sales Team available – no switchboard and no voice mail, just real, knowledgeable people who answer the phone.

6) Capitalise on the HUGE replacement market:

The replacement market for pumps and pump systems is enormous and whilst most  of your trade counters staff will shy away from enquiries because of the ‘agro’, we can do all the work for you. For example, your customer could take a picture of the plate on the pump or system and email it to us. We could then identify what is required and provide a replacement.

7) Don’t let customers “Walk Away”!

What you don’t want to happen is for an existing customer or potential client to walk away and do the rounds of your competitors until they can find someone who can help them.


Get it right the 1st time

“Subject: RE: Jung Pump US 73 HES Vert – Thank you, Matthew, great response as always!!”

Matthew Sandle Action Pumps Ltd


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Our own CPD

To ensure we give you the best advice, we continuously provide our team with training. Delivered by our manufacturers we get everything we need to know straight from the horse’s mouth.

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