Pump Tender

If you need a pump selection and price and you-

  • Need it quickly
  • Need clear supporting data
  • Need a person that you can discuss the proposal with

That’s what the Project and Application Team at Pump Technology will do for you, nothing unique in this, but we do it well time and time again.

Additionally being one of the UK’s leading independent Pump distributors we offer you independent advice, best for your pumping application.

Some pumps are more equal than others when the pumping environment and system are fully considered. We do all the conundrums for you from the hundreds of pump model and sizes offered by the leading pump manufacturers. With Pump Technology, you know you have the best technical and commercial pump selection.

In addition Pump Technology can meet with you onsite, bring the product to your office for viewing, provide CPD lunchtime training courses, arrange specialist product training at pump manufacturers sites…

All in all, do more for you than most, that’s why many consultants, contractors, merchants and end-user organisations bolt Pump Technology onto their engineering teams, you can do the same!

Our 3D BIM library portal

The 3D BIM library portal can be found here

You can view some of our products in 3D. You can then configure/select and download a 3D BIM model in over 150 native CAD formats such as Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Microstation etc, as well as download a 3D PDF datasheet of their configured product.

This will save time and effort by allowing you to incorporate the 3D BIM products into your complete 3D virtual BIM design. The models will also include piping and electrical connection information as well as other technical information, allowing you to design piping runs early in the building design phase if wished.

When you download a 3D BIM product, you can also link with us. This allows the technical team to start a conversation to ensure you have the best solution for your application.

Points of contact

  • Project Manager- Steve Murphy
  • Contracts Manager- Matthew Camille
  • Business Development Manager- David Johnson (CPD’s, Consultants, Contractors, End Users)
  • Sales Manager- Derek Bryant(Local & National Merchants)


Get it right the 1st time

Over the past year in particular, I have dealt more and more with Will McPhee, mainly with KSB & Hidrostal enquiries.

His customer service is second to none. The speed of reply is exceptional in addition to his awareness of ongoing/outstanding orders and enquiries.

I did deal with pump technology prior to this year but with nowhere near the same service. That’s not to say the previous level of service wasn’t sufficient, it’s just a statement of how much it has improved.

Michael Fairlie Assistant Projects Manager & Workshop Co-Ordinator
Ritchie Mackenzie & Co. Ltd.


To help you

Read our case studiescase-studies
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Our own CPD

To ensure we give you the best advice, we continuously provide our team with training. Delivered by our manufacturers we get everything we need to know straight from the horse’s mouth.

Let Pump Technology Ltd take the strain: One Company, One Solution, One CALL

To get technical help for the right specification the first time, call 0118 9821 555