Water boreholes

Borehole pumps are used for a wide variety of water extraction requirements. The right borehole pump means users can rely on a local and relatively low-cost water supply.

Typical applications range from well extraction, domestic water supply, irrigation for gardens, sports fields, golf courses, garden centres, farming and industrial sites. Because of this there is an extensive matrix of borehole pumps to choose from; You will be inundated with manufacturers, models, size, materials… all serving particular applications, these include, domestic, commercial, borehole size, depth and discharge flow and heads.

The selection and sizing of your borehole pump will determine its operating and maintenance costs, plus the required pump duty performance.

Speaking to a trained pump engineer will help you identify the best technical and commercial borehole pump selection for your application and site conditions, and we’ll get it right first time.

The team at Pump Technology Ltd are pleased to assist you with new installations plus identification and repair/replacement of existing borehole pumps.

Commonly used products include

Caprari Borehole Pumps For Irrigation

Through our partnership with Caprari, we can supply common pumps for many irrigation applications, from small to large scale irrigation products for operation on the surface or via a submersible unit.

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