The solution is the “SPECIALIST” Domestic Pump Range from Pump Technology Ltd.

The SPECIALIST Domestic Pump Range is the installer’s solution when the kitchen or bathroom pumping requirement exceeds the performance envelope of the standard domestic pump systems available.

Typical scenarios include convoluted discharge pipe runs from a toilet, drainage from a floor-level shower, high heads and long distances and pumping hot wastewater and large food waste solids content from kitchens

These products are not available online. Simply call and let our experienced engineers exactly match the pump system to your application!

The Pump Technology Ltd SPECIALIST Domestic Pump Range, not only offers enhanced pumping performance but also top quality, robustness and reliability. All of the pumps used are designed and manufactured in Germany.

The Pump Technology Ltd SPECIALIST Domestic Pump Range – never be beaten by a pump application!


Flushmaster Toilet Waste Pump

The Flushmaster toilet waste pump is a fully automatic wastewater pumping system suitable for domestic installations where gravity drainage is an issue. With the FlushMaster you can now fit a toilet almost anywhere. It can easily discharge via high heads, long pipe runs, multiple bends and double lifts, enabling pipework to be kept hidden out of sight. This is possible because the FlushMaster uses a submersible, open, free flow, vortex impeller pump and not a domestic cutter pump.

The DrainMajor 730HES

The Drainmajor is a fully automatic waste water pumping system suitable for domestic and commercial installations where gravity drainage is not possible. This unit is designed to pump waste water from a Commercial/Industrial sink, wash basin, utility sink or any situation where waste water needs to be collected and pumped to the drainage system.

PlancoFix Plus From Jung

Jung Pumpen’s Plancofix is the first fully-fledged floor drainage pump for floor-level showers. Built into your bathroom floor, the floor drainage pump transports the shower water quietly and well concealed into the nearest existing drain. From here it flows down its own natural way, simple and just as desired. It’s as easy as that. Plancofix is a floor drainage pump that allows barrier-free or low entry showers to be fitted even where the lack of a gravity drain ruled out this option in the past. It must not be used for back flow protection.

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Other products available from Pump Technology Ltd:

Saniflo Range – Domestic, Commercial and below ground lifting stations

DrainMajor Range – Domestic and Commercial wastewater pumping systems

Efflumaxi Range – Domestic and Commercial wastewater and sewage lifting stations

Mini and PumpMatic Range – Domestic and commercial pumping stations

Whale Pump Range – For Shower Drainage

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