Hand washing installations

As shops, restaurants, venues and businesses resume what is now considered to be the new normal, excellent hand washing facilities are required more than ever. This can mean that additional sinks need to be installed in locations where they were not previously planned for.

For example, these could be at the entrances to common areas such as tea facilities, restrooms, entrances and exits to buildings and many more places. Because the location of these new hygiene facilities may well not have suitable gravity drainage, a pumped system will need to be used.

The discharge pipe run, including both the static head to be pumped and the route of the pipe, will determine which equipment will be required.

Wastewater pumping solutions for every discharge pipe route configuration are available. These can enable installers and plumbers to install handwash sinks in the required locations that employers feel are required to help staff comply with regular hand washing practices.

Commonly used products include

DrainMinor from Pump Technology, now with built-in carbon filter

The DrainMinor is a self-contained, fully automatic, wastewater pumping system, suitable for domestic and commercial installations where gravity drainage is not possible. It is extremely compact – 380mm L x 290mm W x 322mm H – and will pump wastewater from locations such as sinks, washbasins, domestic dishwashers and washing machines.

The DrainMajor

The Drainmajor is a fully automatic waste water pumping system suitable for domestic and commercial installations where gravity drainage is not possible. This unit is designed to pump waste water from a Commercial/Industrial sink, wash basin, utility sink or any situation where waste water needs to be collected and pumped to the drainage system.

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