KSB Ama Porter

The KSB Ama Porter submersible pump is one of the proven success stories for performance and reliability when pumping-

  • Wastewater containing solids and or fibrous matter
  • Sewage

As with all pumps, initial size and pump options selection is the deciding factor in the suitability of the pump to the application and its long term trouble free operation.

Consultants and end user alike utilise the services of Pump Technology Ltd, the UK’s leading independent wastewater and sewage pump specialist for the right product selection first time.

The successful KSB range consist of 7 performance curve options, plus vortex free flow impeller and cutter pump selections to enable best pump match to your site wastewater or sewage pumping requirements.

KSB Ama Porter Product Range Summary-

  • Ama Porter F- Free flow votex impeller. 60mm dia passage. Max flow 40m3/hr (11l/s), 16m head
  • Ama Porter S- Cutter. Max flow 17m3/hr (4.7l/s), 21m head

Call Pump Technology Ltd for the right selection, identifying a replacement pump or refurbishment.

Pump Technology Ltd hold comprehensive stocks of the KSB Ama Porter submersible pump range for immediate dispatch. Orders can be taken up till 3pm for next day delivery!


KSB is proud to support Pump Technology Limited as a key supplier of our products through distribution and specification sales channels.

Andy Ratcliffe, Managing Director, KSB Pumps Ltd.

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