Helping to feed and water AFC Bournemouth fans


Newly promoted AFC Bournemouth play at the attractive and continually developing Goldsands Stadium in Kings Park. However on match days there was a problem. As the club became more successful, attendances at matches began to rise. New features like the luxurious Bubbles Champagne Bar and the Legends Café and Bistro had been added to the stadium, and more food and drink points were opened in the concourses. Consequently at busy times there just wasn’t enough water pressure to meet demand.

The services engineer for the ground contacted Aldermaston based water, waste and sewage pumping specialists Pump Technology Ltd. (Incidentally an advertiser with a promotional board on the East stand) via a local company “Tradelink” and asked them to come and survey the site with a view to providing a solution.

A Pump Technology engineer, along with a representative from Lowara (Xylem), visited the Goldsands Stadium, assessed the problem and within half a day came up with a fully specified and budgeted solution. This was accepted and within a few days the Services Engineer, working with Lowara, had installed a twin pump pressure booster set. This unit constantly measures the water demand pressure with its on-board, computerised system and kicks in to increase the flow to meet the requirement minute by minute. This means that even the drinks outlets furthest away from the water supply have a constant, high-pressure supply for tea, coffee and washing up.

The pumps have been carefully selected to cater for future growth at the ground, a distinct possibility since the club has just been promoted to the Championship.

Brian Benjafield, commercial executive at AFC Bournemouth, said, “Pump Technology came the moment we called them, immediately identified the problem, quoted for an appropriate system within a day and organised the installation and commissioning speedily and efficiently. Their engineers have been back once to check the system and make sure that our maintenance staff is happy about how to operate and adjust it.”