South Quay Deco Ltd, London

Application: New Build Basement to North West London Property, Basement Wastewater & Sewage Pumping for Kitchen & Toilet.

Product: PumpMatic- Submersible sewage pumping station.

Strand Dining Rooms, Trafalgar Square, London

Application: Waste Water and Sewage Pumping Systems for basement located kitchen and diners toilets

Product: Drain Major and Drain King were selected for the kitchen sinks and commercial dish washing machines; whilst the sewage from the diner’s toilets is pumped by the floor-mounted micro pump station, the Efflu Maxi.

Shoalstone Pool, Brixham

Application: A popular public outside swimming pool based on the south coast, Brixham. To pump all the restaurant and toilet wastewater / sewage.

Product: PumpMatic- Below ground sewage pumping station.

Powerday, Enfield.

Application: To supply a range of pumping equipment supporting the safe operation of the recycling plant.

Product: Submersible surface water pumps, Firefighting set, Booster set

Brighton Pier, Brighton

Application: Required weather proof wastewater and sewage pumping system, mounted within the pier structure, exposed to the coastal conditions.

Product: Efflu Maxi, Stainless Steel tank configuration.

The Shard, London

Application: Sized, supplied a range of floor mounted wastewater and sewage pumping systems. These units serviced multiple office facilities such as kitchen & washroom areas.
Product: DrainMajor- Floor mounted wastewater pumping system. EffluMaxi- Floor mounted sewage pumping system.