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3D Bim Library

to make it easy to specify in detail your reliable pumping solution

DrainKing Duo

Floor Mounted Waste water Pump


The wastewater lifting station

DrainMajor Duo

A fully automatic waste water pumping system

DrainMinor C

Combi Oven Pump


The floor mounted sewage pumping system

EffluMaxi 80

Single Waste Water Pumping Systems 3D Model

EffluMaxi 80

Twin Waste Water Pumping Systems 3D Model

Calpeda MÈTA

Self priming booster set.

The Hebefix Mini

The Smallest Wastewater Lifting Station


Sustainable Incineration Toilets

Carbon Filters

Carbon Charcoal filter Breather Systems

High-Level Alarms

How do they work?

ESPA Silenplus

Swimming Pool Pump

Pentair Jung Pumpen Videos

Pentair Jung pumpen

We are an authorised UK Distributor

Jung Pumpen Compli 1000

Sewage Lifting Station

Jung Pumpen Compli 400

A packaged sewage disposal unit

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