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Grease Traps

Click for the O&M (Installation) manual -Greasetrap

The GreaseMajor & GreaseMinor Grease Trap

The Stainless steel grease separator with fully sealed lid.

Grease traps are most often used in commercial catering environments where fats, oils and grease need to be removed from the wastewater. The water can then continue on its way to being subject to further wastewater treatment. Our grease trap is designed to separate grease at the source.

Our GreaseMajor and GraseMinor will separate the grease from the water, the unit can then be emptied of fat and cleaned by easily removing the sealed lid.

We recommend that our grease traps are installed with the Greasebuster Plus

Click for the O&M (Installation) manual Greasebuster Plus

The GreaseBuster Plus

A programmable, biological dosing system housed in a wall mounted stainless steel cabinet.

Where space is limited the Greasebuster Plus can be used as a standalone unit providing a natural treatment to treat the pipework and remove the fat. A Biological grease treatment uses nature to break down fat, oil and grease – using enzymes and bacteria to break down the grease naturally.

We do however recommend that our Greasebuster Plus is purchased with the GreaseMajor/Minor for the ultimate solution.