Introducing the Hidrosatl Preoclean

Whilst this product has been on the market a long time, we’ve seen a real upturn in demand here at Pump, so wanted to just let you know about it.

The Hidrosatl PreoClean is a self-cleaning pump, so it looks after itself and reduces maintenance costs and those awful unscheduled maintenance visits that just cost time and money.

Typical uses of the pump are:

  • Sewage and storm stations
  • Wash down sumps
  • Sumps with floating materials
  • Limited volume storage areas
  • Sumps with high fat or oil content

The benefits are clear

  • High reliability
  • Self cleaning
  • Simple effective system
  • Low maintenance

Have a problematic site or have a high prestige site and you don’t want to see a Tanker again, or the Tanker Invoice. Then ask Pump Technology Ltd about Hidrostal PreoClean. (you can view it in action here)