Kessel Pumps, a renowned brand in the field of wastewater management, provides top-quality pumping solutions for a wide range of applications.

We are the trusted UK stockist for Kessel pumps, ensuring prompt service, great prices and next day delivery. As the authorised distributor for Kessel non-return valves, Kessel valves, Kessel Pumpfix F, Kessel Staufix, and Kessel backwater valves, we offer a comprehensive selection of reliable products.

Kessel’s backwater valves cater to various wastewater scenarios, with options available for both sewage and non-sewage situations. Whether you require small valves for individual drainage fixtures like sinks, showers, or washing machines, or motorised backwater valves for comprehensive basement drainage, Kessel has the ideal solution.

While the following brief descriptions provide an overview of some of these products, we encourage you to reach out to our knowledgeable support team for personalised assistance with your specific application.

Kessel non return valve: The Kessel Staufix

Protect your basement from rodents and backwater flooding. Backwater damage can be extremely expensive – prevention is very cheap. For this reason, make sure that all areas below the backwater level with open drainage fixtures are always protected by a Kessel backwater valve.

  • Mechanical backwater valve
  • For wastewater
  • With or without an alarm
  • Type 2

Kessel Pumpfix F

Wastewater disposal even when water backs up. The Kessel Pumpfix F pumps against backwater and discharges surface water. It protects drainage fixtures such as shower, sink, washing machine and outside steps down to the basement which are below the backwater level.

  • Motorized non return valve
  • With pump
  • For wastewater with sewage
  • Type 3

Kessel Drehfix

The basement drain Drehfix is a compact basement drain for protecting individual drainage points such as sink, shower or washing machine (wastewater without sewage) according to EN 13564 type 5. Thanks to its small design height and compact dimensions, Drehfix fits into the recess of old cast drains, making it ideal for renovation!

I have now decided that going for a quality product from a quality company that lends a helping hand from selection and right through the purchasing process is the right way to go”. “It will provide me with peace of mind through the entire process and even after the pump commissioning.

Tony Redhill Plumbing

We have worked with Pump Technology for over 10 years. We continue to specify their products on developments where reliable, submersible packaged pumping stations are required. Their design team provides professional advice and are always available to discuss specific requirements.

Elliot Wood Engineering

Pump Technology Ltd. has always provided excellent and prompt customer service and technical support.
They will go out of their way to provide the support and knowledge needed when selecting and specifying pumps and fittings.

mmdPaul Coleman, Senior Mechanical, Consulting Engineer, Mott MacDonald

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