Hair Salon could NOT expand without a Reliable Wastewater Pumping System

The Problem:

A popular Hair Salon had become so successful that it needed to expand its premises into the basement.
The Salon wished to install four client hair washing sinks in the new basement section, however, this was below the drainage level for the premises. Therefore, a reliable pumping system was required to pump the wastewater up to the main drain level.

Chelmsford Industrial & Commercial Services Ltd was asked to install this.

The Solution:

Lee Nixon, Owner of Chelmsford Industrial & Commercial Services Ltd., discussed the salon requirements and the site layout with the dedicated wastewater pumping team at Pump Technology Ltd.

The pump system needed to be capable of coping with wastewater from the four sinks and also possibly, in the future, a dishwasher.

Now, when the Salon is open, its business is totally dependent on the reliability of the system. If this fails the Salon would have to close until the problem could be fixed. Therefore, a duty standby pumping solution was decided upon.

Taking into consideration the number of sinks and the discharge requirements of approximately 2-metre head and a 4-metre run, the engineers at Pump Technology Ltd, recommended the DrainMajor 730HES Duo.

This system comprises of a pair of linked tanks with a pump in each. If one pump fails, the rising wastewater level flows over into the second section automatically activating the second pump, which otherwise operates as a standby pump.

If the liquid level ever rises above the norm in the tank, a remote alarm (Also BMS Volt Free Connection) is triggered so the Salon knows there is a problem. As the standby pump is now operating, the Salon business can carry on as normal and a repair be carried out in good time without worry.

Lee says “We fitted the DrainMajor Duo in a cupboard adjacent to the sinks. The inlet pipe was fitted with an inline strainer to catch hair and the system was vented within the basement via a MicroVent, all supplied by Pump Technology Ltd.

The pumps used were the Jung Pumpen 730HES hot wastewater pumps.

The reason was:-

• The wastewater is regularly hotter than 40 deg. C.
• The pumps are fitted with an outer Silicon Carbide Mechanical seal, which is more robust than a lip seal when in contact with Shampoos and Gels.
• There is the potential to add a dishwasher when required.

The only maintenance required is regular cleaning of the hair filter, an annual in-house inspection of the tank to remove any foreign objects and, for good housekeeping at the same time, a replacement of the carbon filter in the MicroVent.