Charlbury Community Centre, Oxford.

The Problem:

A twin pump, sewage station system where both chambers had heavy build-up of waste that had not been discharged. After receiving a call from the customer, who requested an initial visit, Pump Technology™ engineers, who were in the area on another job, made this call free of charge as a goodwill gesture.

They surveyed the site and discovered that the blockage was mostly paper towels, but some Fats Oils and Grease and human waste. Also, the chambers had some debris inside which was causing additional problems.

The Installation:

  • 2 x Pump Technology Ltd.™ Pumpmatic™ 400 stations.
  • 4 x Sulzer AS0 pumps with Custom Pump Technology Ltd™ control panels.

We found that:

  • Chamber 1 had a Non-Return Valve stuck open. It also required cleaning and servicing.
  • Chamber 2 worked within normal parameters, but required cleaning and servicing.
  • Pump Technology Ltd™ produced a quote for remedial and service work and this was accepted.

The Solution:

Our service engineering team attended site to carry out the work. Additionally, an engineer from Neil Lowes Drainage, who provided a tanker for the vacuuming and jetting of the tank, attended.

Our engineers, Alan and Sam Werrell, cleaned the tanks completely, removed the pumps to clean and service them, then re-installed them. They also fixed the problem with the NonReturn Valve which was caused by a stone obstructing the flap.

The entire system was vacuumed and jet cleaned, Tank lids were replaced and correctly sealed and then everything, including all of the control systems, was put through a thorough test programme.

One of the blocked chambers

“Alan & Sam did a great job and cleared the 2 chambers – both of which had a lot of building debris at the bottom (stones in chamber 2, and gravel in chamber 1, no doubt the reason for the malfunction of the Non-Return Valve). Dave from Neil Lowes was also very helpful.”

For the future

The customer is now on a 6-month Pump Technology Ltd™. servicing program with cleaning of the tanks via a tanker to be completed every 18-24 months