Pressure booster system DeltaBasic

Fully automatic pressure booster system with two to three (MVP) / four (SVP) vertical high-pressure pumps in two variable speed versions. The MVP and SVP variable speed versions ensure variable speed control of each pump by motor-mounted frequency inverter for asynchronous motors (MVP) or by PumpDrive variable speed system and KSB SuPremE motor (SVP), respectively, providing fully electronic control to ensure the required supply pressure. Equipped with a central fuse box.


  • Pressure boosting


DeltaBasic Pressure booster system


  • Energy-efficient operation and constant pressure ensured by speed control of all pumps.
  • Suitable for drinking water; manufactured under stringent hygienic conditions
  • Easy and fast commissioning of ready-to-connect, pre-assembled and tested system
  • Corrosion resistance provided by powder-coated materials and stainless steel
  • Integral dry running protection for reliable operation
  • SVP:
  • Prevention of damage to the piping through pipe priming/filling function on version 3~400 V
  • Remote monitoring of the system through connection to building management system
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