The Cinderella Comfort, eco toilet

A modern, environmentally friendly eco toilet solution

The market leading Cinderella Incineration Toilet was launched on the Norwegian market in 1999. Since then the model has been improved to produce the Cinderella Comfort, a new viable, eco toilet and practical WC option now available in the UK.

One of many advantages of the Comfort eco toilet is that it only requires electricity and works perfectly without water and sewage systems. A gas version is available, the Cinderella Motion, which can even be operated without mains electricity.

The Cinderella Comfort provides substantially better indoor air quality than other incineration models, with all air for the incineration process taken from the outside of the home through separate pipes.

The Cinderella Comfort is the most efficient and hygienic incineration toilet on the market today. It comes with an information display. This provides continuous information on the use of the toilet and will also alert the user when to empty the ash tray.

eco toilet

The Cinderella Comfort is:

  • designed to be aesthetically pleasing

  • easy to install

  • suitable for cold areas

  • childproof

  • NEMKO approved and CE marked

  • supplied with a three-year warranty

  • NEMKO approved and CE marked

  • supported by the Pump Technology Helpline and Service Network

All incineration toilets from Cinderella Eco Solution follow strict environmental standards, with bacteria-free ash as the only final product with odourless, clean fumes from the built in catalytic converter. The inert ash is full of biodegradable nutrients that can be used as a garden fertilizer.


Foot Rest
plastic Liner holder
Steel Liner holder
Roof Feed-through
toilet liners
Ventilation installation kit w/o roof feed-through
Ventilation installation kit with roof feed-through
Maintenance kit





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