Grease Trap Range

Grease Trap

The GreaseGulper range is suitable for commercial applications- Restaurants, pubs, coffee shops….it is available in 3 sizes

This UK Built Grease Trap, manufactured from rust free 304 Stainless Steel and is designed for under sink, workbench or external installation. It is adequate for most small takeaways, cafes restaurants etc. with 1-3 small commercial sinks and dishwasher and features an air tight Neoprene seal to lock in odours.

The hugely popular Filtra-Trap® is a high quality, heavy-duty, stainlesssteel filtration mesh grease trap, which is very easy to clean & maintain. It not only traps all fats, oils and greases, but it’s large fine mesh filter will also filter out virtually all solids, the other main cause of blockages, leaving drains Free & Clear.

GreaseGulper Small
Part No. GGS

Application: Small Takeaway / Deli
35 litre capacity

GreaseGulper Medium
Part No. GGM

Application: Small – Medium Restaurants / Hotels
40 litre capacity

GreaseGulper Large
Part No. GGL

Application: Medium Restaurants / Hotels
60 litre capacity

Ask our Application Team for a grease trap selection, preventing downstream blockage of pumping equipment and drainage.

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