Hidrostal pumps: PreroClean- SELF CLEANING Sewage Pumping Station!

More about the Hidrostal

The Hidrostal screw centrifugal pump handles rags, solids & fats effectively. This is because its impeller incorporates a special geometry that ensures any rags and fibre which contact the inlet edge of the blade are automatically swept to the centre of the impeller where they are deposited into the flow and pass freely through the pump.

Have a problematic site or have a high prestige site and you don’t want to see a Tanker again, or the Tanker Invoice. Then ask Pump Technology Ltd about Hidrostal PreroClean.

“The inlet pumps have handled everything thrown at them. I have never seen a blockage in my 30 years of working on this site. I would say that they have been the most reliable piece of mechanical equipment at Troqueer.”

David Gillespie, M & E Technical, Scottish Water
  • No more unscheduled maintenance
  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs

As an operator of a Supermarket, Casual Dining Chain, Retail Park, Nursing Home, Sports Stadium… you should never be organising a tanker at the weekend so your business can stay open.
The solution is to utilise a sewage pumping station system that will for every pumping cycle remove floating and settled solids from the sump such as

  • Fibrous material- Rags, bags…
  • Floating material- Oils, fats…
  • Bulky solids- Stones, rubbish…

Eliminating the build-up of settled solids and floating fats or debris means the potential for clogging and blocking your pumping station is significantly reduced.
Install PreroClean & cut out unscheduled maintenance and extend maintenance periods. Result is Greater Reliability + Significant Cost Savings! (Goodbye Mr Tanker!)

PreroClean works by

  • Using a Hidrostal pump with a Screw Impeller Geometry that has been specifically designed to handle fibrous material as well as bulky solids
  • Virtually empties the sump every pumping cycle
  • Skims the surface of all floating materials, particularly oils and fats every pumping cycle
  • Has a sump with a preformed volute so all settled & floating solids are swept to the pump suction by the residual sump velocity


Hidrostal Brochure