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Package Pumping Station Range

The Pump Technology GRP package pumping station range are manufactured and rigged by our associate group company Pegasus Pumps Ltd. We can manufacture a GRP tank from 750mm diameter to 2 metres and from 2.1 metres deep to 7 metres and can be rigged for a single or twin pump system.

We are specialists for underground package pumping stations so please call our support team who will work with you to ensure you get exactly the right specification for the environment you are working with.

We believe in free advice and free specifications and we even have out of hours numbers available to you should you need us when we’re not in the office.

The Pump Matic™ Range

The Packaged pumping station designed and assembled to suit your requirements. Click on the image to watch the guide rail in action.

The components of a package pumping station would comprise of:-

  • Pump Chamber – Sized according to duty, holding requirements, building regulations, etc.
  • Guide rail mounted or free standing.
  • Pumps – Single or Twin operation selected for duty, type of waste, distance, and head.
  • Control Panel, Float Switches & Alarm depending on requirements.
  • Access Cover – Pedestrian/Vehicle weight or Double Sealed

Questions we might ask to get the right system for your application:-

  • Is the application Domestic or Commercial?
  • What will the system have to cope with? (whole property, annex, etc.)
  • How many sinks, toilets, wash basins, washing machines, etc.
  • Head and horizontal distance required to be pumped to main drains.
  • Power supply available 240v or 3 Phase.

Please download our PumpMatic Product Brochure

What maintenance is required?2020-05-22T12:25:03+00:00

All pump stations should be inspected regularly. For busy commercial premises this might be every six months, domestic properties yearly. Ask Pump Technology to arrange an inspection.

How do I install a pump station?2020-05-22T12:23:33+00:00

Please refer to the Pump technology Ltd, installation instructions. Correct installation is essential to the reliable operation and life of all pumping stations.

Do I need a cutter pump?2020-05-22T12:22:44+00:00

The best practice is to use a vortex free-flow impeller pump. However, if you can only use small-bore discharge pipework (2” dia) or have to pump a high head then a cutter pump would be the correct selection

Single or twin pumps?2020-05-22T12:29:18+00:00

If the property is totally reliant on the pumping station to discharge the sewage and wastewater then a twin, duty / standby pump configuration should be use.

What size pump should I use?2020-05-22T12:26:04+00:00

The submersible pump will be sized to provide adequate flow against the discharge head and friction loses. A velocity of 0.75 L/s is generally required to ensure self-cleaning of the pipe walls

How do I select a sewage Pumping Station?2020-05-22T12:20:12+00:00

Ask an expert to confirm the size of pumping station you need. Factors are- Discharge head, diameter and length of discharge pipe. Also type and size of property, is the property totally reliant upon the pump station


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The guide rail in action

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