Pump Technology Ltd at the Races!

In the coming months Racegoers and TV Racing fans will be seeing the Pump Technology Ltd Logo far more frequently!

The company has just concluded a deal with Newbury Racecourse to feature the Pump Technology Ltd Logo on prestigious sites throughout the course as well as donating prizes to winners, jockeys and trainers over the Summer.

Additionally, Pump Technology Ltd branding will appear on the big screens, on-course TV screens and within regular adverts in the race cards.

On July 11th, the company will sponsor a large portion of the race evening and will be entertaining manufacturers, customers and staff in their hospitality box overlooking the winning line!

Again, on this occasion, members of the PT team will be presenting the appropriate prizes for each race.

Pump Technology Ltd, based in Aldermaston, is a UK leader in the specification and supply of Wastewater and sewage pumps and pumping systems.