The new DrainMinor C Combi oven pump

Introducing the DrainMinor C all-in-one waste water pumping solution for domestic and light commercial high temperature applications.

This unit has been designed with performance and small footprint in mind, combined with high output and easy of installation. It is targeting the market of Combi Ovens, commercial dish and glass washer, commercial washing basins or anywhere that requires waste water to be captured and pumped to the main drainage system.

The DrainMinor C comes with a high performance single stage SL30 submersible pump which is powerful enough to cope with soft solids of up to 10mm diameter. This pump unit has a particularly high head pumping capacity allowing it to handle long and difficult discharge pipe runs. It can pump up to 5 meters vertically, 50 meters horizontally or a combination of both, making it an extremely flexible unit.

The case, fittings and pump are rated for high temperatures, running at 60 degree C as normal, but higher temperatures can be achieved for short periods of time without affecting it.

The DrainMinor C is a fully contained unit, which will offer years of service with little maintenance. There are some accessories which can be added with ease to provide improved performance and an alarm function for high water levels to make the solution complete.

By fitting one of our drain dosing systems along side your DrainMinor C you can constantly dose the waste with a biological fluid to keep the system running smoothly and at its best, cutting down on essential cleaning of the tank.

The other essential accessory is a high level alarm system to give you early warning of a potential problem with the unit.

Installation is very simple, and the unit comes with fully fitting instructions. The inlet can be positioned to suit the installation (within certain guidelines) and the discharge outlet is a standard high temperature rated 1 ¼”BSP outlet to connect to the outlet drainage pipework.

The DrainMinor C comes with a 1 year warrantee as standard in the unlikely event of a problem.

For more details, prices and delivery options, call our sales team now on 0118 982 1555 where one of our pumping experts can help you