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Water Pressure Booster Pumps

Low water pressure and the demand for constant pressure is becoming a huge issue. The water authorities are not always meeting current demands in commercial or industrial situations, which is why you might need to look at a water pressure booster.

Pump Technology Ltd can supply commercial water pressure pump sets to suit almost any situation or environment.

We can supply the following water pressure booster pumps:

  • Single pump fixed speed to multiple pumps, variable speed inverter controlled sets/systems (using 1-6 pumps)
  • Pressure – expansion vessels
  • Control panels / systems / packages
  • Break tanks
  • Replacement motor or pumps for most existing systems

Our popular ranges include:

Lowara booster Pump

Wilo Booster Pump

Calpeda Booster Pump


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Pump Technology are proud to work with the following booster pump manufacturers

Custom Packages

Call the Pump Technology team for your entire booster set requirements;

  • Pressurisation sets
  • Fire sets
  • Heating Pump Skids
  • Pipe fabrication…

All packages are supported with detailed engineering drawings, 2D, 3D and BIM.

Custom Booster Set

Booster set with built in water treatment and UV

Heat Exchanger Skid incorporating lifting gantry to aid manual handling

Stand alone fabrication

Let Pump Technology Ltd take the strain: One Company, One Solution, One CALL

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