Basement Pump, 9 Years without any maintenance


DrainMinor, DrainMajor Wastewater Pump System Product Range.

The last thing you want to do is maintain your pump. You know however that it’s mechanically rotating machinery and eventually it will fail! But most people still don’t maintain their basement pump.

Well after 9 Years I felt I better have a look!

When I bought the DrainMinor wastewater basement pumping system from Pump Technology Ltd in 2006 for pumping wastewater from my washing machine, then newly located in our basement I did pay a few extra pounds for it on the belief that you get what you pay for.

The last thing I want is to be waiting for a plumber/replacement pump whilst my work shirts are stuck half washed in the machine. Therefore knowing companies like M&S operate the Drain Minor / Drain Major wastewater pumping system in their stores I felt I had purchased a robust solution.

It certainly feels the right choice 9 years on!

I should also point out our washing machine has been used to the point of destruction, recycling washable nappies for many years, and in our family it seems everything is worn once only, at least we can say we are clean.

So after 9 years, I decided to pull the washing machine out and investigate. When I bought the DrainMinor wastewater pumping system, the engineer at Pump Technology Ltd who kindly selected the correct size unit, told me the only maintenance required would be to occasionally inspect the small collecting tank and remove any unwanted build-up of fluff/hair for example.
Gloves on, I delved in, of course not reading any instructions! (Turning the power off first).



  • I found one drain connection inside the tank and I could easily and quickly remove the Pump.
  • A sweep around the tank to remove the sludge that had collected there over the 9 years!
  • Reconnect (I liked the fact that the connection was inside the tank, whatever I did the pipe connections from the tank remained undisturbed and watertight!)
  • Watch the first flush of water to confirm all ok
  • Lid on, (The four clips looked strong and worked well)
  • Cup of Tea

Not a Penny spent on maintenance, could not have been easier, many thanks to Pump Technology Ltd for a simple, robust and trouble free wastewater pumping solution.

David, Cornwall.