BEWARE the false economy of a cheap submersible pump

submersible pumps

While it is certainly true that it’s possible to buy a submersible pump very cheaply, problems may not be far away.

For a one-off use these pumps might just do the job. However, if you need to rely on a submersible drainage pump for constant, day in day out use, for the protection of your basement or essential drainage, then selecting the right make and model is worthy of careful consideration.

If the pump breaks down, how glad will you be that you saved a “few” pounds?

We are one of the best-known suppliers of domestic and commercial submersible pumps and we offer a free service giving accurate advice on the pump size and type for any application.

There are many small submersibles to choose from, each one with its own performance and function. Because we represent so many manufacturers and brands, we are a true “One Stop Pump Shop” and are perfectly placed to offer specialist advice to get the best technical and economical selection for customers and we’ll get it right first time.

We are the leading authorised UK distributor for the renowned German manufacturer Jung Pumpen/Pentair, whose submersible pumps have been reliably protecting everything from subterranean buildings to fast food chains, such as Costa Coffee, for many years.

NEW from Jung Pumpen this year is the MultiDrain submersible pump range. This is suitable for high heads up to 25.5m and flows to 39m3/hr., which can be used for building drainage, water extraction from pools or ponds or removal of floodwater internally or externally to a building.

The robust stainless-steel design of these units, which also incorporate internal motor cooling, means that they can operate continually, both fully or partially submerged. The pumps will stop and start from their own float control and because of their top discharge configuration are self-venting, enabling them to fit into sumps as small as 40cm dia.

The combination of these features mean the MultiDrain pumps are very flexible in their use and not affected by abnormal drainage conditions that could see other pumps fail due to dry running, air locking or general wear from grit or similar abrasives.

So, before wasting money on a cheap product, it might be well worth a call to the experts at Pump Technology Ltd. for some sound advice and peace of mind!