How easy is it to install a Pumping Station?

All our Pumping Stations are supplied with a detailed installation guide giving step-by-step instructions. Whilst this is straightforward it is important to follow each step correctly. When excavating please check for ground water, if this is present additional civil [...]

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How does a Pumping Station Operate?

Wastewater, sewage or rainwater flows into the tank. As the level increases within the tank a float is lifted and automatically activates the pump. The waste is pumped via a discharge pipe to the nearest sewer. When the level [...]

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What is a Pumping Station?

It consists of a tank, inside there are generally one or two submersible pumps. The pumping station can be designed for pumping wastewater and sewage and rainwater runoff to the nearest sewer. The Pumping Station is supplied with inlet [...]

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