Fats, oils and grease, are you breaking the law?

We’ve had a few meetings in the last couple of weeks where we have been invited in to discuss F.O.G (Fat, Oil, and Grease) Mitigation and how to combat the increasing problem of the dreaded “Fatberg”. So many companies are breaking the law and they don’t even realise.

Fatbergs occur when fats, oils, and grease are thrown down sinks and drains. In liquid form, we may think that these fats are not harmful to the pipework, but when they harden and get mixed with other food or sanitary waste the fat congeals and forms blockages. Over time these blockages get larger and they prevent anything further from draining away which finally leads to flooding and in some cases pollution.

Depending on where the blockage occurs will decide who has to foot the bill for clearance and repair, the water and sewage companies respond to over 350,000 blockages every year, and this does not take into account any private blockages that occur.

This is a big problem, and the cleanup costs are now running into millions of pounds.

What’s the answer?

We have to make sure that fats, oils, and grease are disposed of correctly and do not enter drains and sewers if not there will be an ever-increasing caseload of property damage and pollution which we simply cannot allow to happen.

We can help you with best practice guidelines to make sure you are doing your bit towards the environment. Contact us today to arrange a meeting.