The Flushmaster

Hundreds of our clients have installed this unique toilet waste pump unit in places where normal toilets could not be installed because with is simple but effective toilet pump unit, you can install a toilet almost anywhere.

This unit offers designers the flexibility to fit toilets, washbasins and showers virtually anywhere in a building, where it is a domestic, light commercial or retain situation. This solution along with our Shower Booster Pump Range offers amazing flexibility and allows facilities to be installed where they could not be considered before.

Due to the unique design features, the Flushmaster is the most powerful macerator unit on the market, allowing you to pump waste via high heads, long pipe runs, multiple bends and double lifts. It can even work with a slight uphill gradient under certain conditions.

The unit can be plumbed in using 32mm or 40mm pipe allowing pipes to be hidden easily and is supplied with a full set of installation connections for installing behind the toilet or a partition wall.

Maintenance is also very simple. The unit is designed to be very reliable with a large vortex impeller and large clearances allowing for user abuse. If there is a blockage, the impeller can be reversed with a screwdriver to allow the blockage to drop free.

Even for more stubborn blockages, removing the pump assembly is very easy – just two screws then a twist and lift will allow removal of the pump and motor assembly from the collection tank so you can remove the blockage manually.

As for spare parts, as you would expect all parts can be simply removed and replaced as required – we stock all major parts required so just call and place your order.

Remember, our pump design experts are at the end of the phone to help you. We can verify your designs or just let us design the installation for you – we want you to get the right unit for the job and make sure the installation is designed correctly for trouble free service.

For more information, download our specification sheet on the amazing Flushmaster of call us now.