Self-Cleaning Systems:
As one of the UK’s leading wastewater and sewage pumping experts, Aldermaston based Pump Technology Ltd. works with pump manufactures such as Xylem and Hidrostal to supply cutting-edge pump station technology like the Flygt Concertor and Hidrostal Preroclean.  These systems are particularly efficient in keeping pumping chambers clean from fats and floating debris. They also save energy and improve reliability in often troublesome applications such as shopping centres, transport hubs, sports stadiums, public buildings and similar locations.

The Flygt Concertor:
The Concertor utilises the Flygt N impeller design, a variable speed submersible pump and an intelligent controller. The pump runs efficiently, discharge performance matching inlet flow, then every set number of cycles it flushes the discharge pipe clean. With variable start levels and snore setting on the flush cycle, floating debris is evacuated from the chamber, the pump station remaining cleaner and more reliable for longer.

The Hidrostal Preroclean:
The Preroclean utilises the Hidrostal screw impeller and a sculptured basin with offset weir plate that creates a fluid swirl in the chamber that is emptied every time. The Hidrostal like the Concertor can be provided as a packaged pumping station, utilising the Pump Technology PumpMatic chamber or retrofitted to an existing station, such as flat bottom, concrete chambers, which are renowned for build-up of debris.

Years of Experience:
When you call the Pump Technology team on 0118 9821 555 you talk directly with people who have been in the industry for many, many years and know pumps inside out. What’s more, they answer the phone straight away!

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