A film star in the making…

So a few months back we were invited to work with the team at London Irish to put together a video on our relationship with the club and the other involvement we have within our local community.

We managed to pick the one day where the snow and wind didn’t prevail and we actually managed to see the sun for a while. We welcomed the London Irish  filming crew to our offices at the start of the morning to start the filming and then after an hour or two (I did it in one take honest!) we departed to the training grounds to watch the team in action and ask a few of the players to also ‘say their bit’ to camera.

While the ‘professionals’ were filming us, we had a bit of fun filming them too! and we also had a camera on hand to take a few pictures of the day.

Whilst the whole day was a lot of fun, actually what really stood out for me is the ‘family feel’  the London Irish Rugby Club has and that strongly resonates with the team here at Pump Technology, which is one of the reasons why the relationship works so well.

We had a great day, enjoyed by all that took part, and it was fabulous for us to work really closely with the commercial team at London Irish, you can take a look at both videos here..

Has my new film star status gone to my head, well I don’t think so…but I must just write my name on the back of my chair..where’s that pen gone!