New DrainMinor from Pump Technology

now with built-in carbon filter

A cutaway of the new Pump Technology Ltd. DrainMinor, floor mounted, wastewater pumping system and the built-in charcoal odour filter

We have just launched the new DrainMinor, and it features some very useful developments.

It is a self-contained, fully automatic, wastewater pumping system, suitable for domestic and commercial installations where gravity drainage is not possible. It is extremely compact – 380mm L x 290mm W x 322mm H – and will pump wastewater from locations such as sinks, wash basins, domestic dishwashers and washing machines.

The rugged tank is manufactured from recyclable Polyethylene, and can be customised to suit the required installation pipe layout. The material also lends itself to shrugging off any internal grease to make cleaning much easier.

The improved lid seal and fasteners mean that the latest version provides even easier access to the pump and tank interior for inspection and routine cleaning.

A great new feature is the activated carbon filter, which has now been incorporated into the lid, making the installation of the DrainMinor fast and simple, since a separate vent pipe is no longer required. This feature also means that the new unit can be installed in even smaller spaces.

A choice of well proven, submersible pumps with fixed float arm for reliable on/off operation are available. These have all been tried and tested for wastewater or light chemical applications by Pump Technology Ltd. for several decades. There is also a low-level float option to virtually eliminate problems with fluid stagnation.

Versions capable of pumping up to 5m vertically or 50 m horizontally mean almost all wastewater pumping requirements (even high head) can be accommodated. This makes it an ideal and extremely flexible option for homes, offices, schools, shops, pubs, restaurants, factories, hospitals and warehouses.

The new unit with appropriate pump options, High Level Alarm and FlowSafe to turn of incoming water feed to appliances such as dish and washing machines, is available from stock.

It can be purchased direct or via local merchants, take a look!!