New Jung Pumpen Data Book

As a company that likes to provide a good level of service, if you ask us for something then we like to deliver!

We’ve been asked on a few occasions to get a databook together of all the datasheets for the Jung Pumpen range of products. We do provide these online on our dedicated Jung Pump website which means that you can always access accurate data wherever you are but every now and then its nice to have a manual that you can keep on your desk which has everything in it.

We are a company that is observant of our carbon footprint and the amount of paper we use, so these aren’t something we are going to send to everyone. However, if you would like one sent to you please get in touch with David by emailing and he will post one to you.

Once in receipt of the folder we will aim to keep it updated by sending out quarterly updates so that you always have the most up-to-date information.

As you know our ‘powered by Jung’ DrainMajor Waste Water Pump Systems  is manufactured from recyclable Polyethylene.

How we are helping the environment

We have teamed up with the Rainforest Trust and for the next 1,000 units of DrainMajors and DrainMinors, we will donate £5.00 for every DrainMajor/DrainMinor pumping system specified.

Every penny donated will go to projects preserving rainforests and other tropical habitats.

Tanks manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) are almost impossible to recyclable and is difficult to dispose of but our Polyethylene tanks are easy to recycle as another tank, broom handles, children toys and many other products.

For Public Health Engineers wanting to specify an environmentally friendly solution, the DrainMajor / DrainMinor wastewater pumping system is the ideal choice.