Who needs North sea oil when you’ve got sewage?

Today let us introduce you to Britains first ever ‘Poo Bus’ that goes into service between Bristol and Bath. – Yes you read that correctly – A bus powered by Poo!!

Now we don’t mean that every morning you’ll see an operative shoveling heaps of the brown stuff into the back of the bus before you start your journey (just imagine the smell!!), but we do mean that the bus is powered by the biomethane gas that is generated by sewage.

This gas has been generated by the Bristol sewage works that are a subsidiary of Wessex Water, so in theory the passengers seating on the bus could have powered it themselves! Apparently the bus can travel 185 miles on one tank of gas (which is the consumption of 5 peoples waste every year)

We think this is a great initiative and one that should be copied throughout the UK, and with Bristol ( who next year becomes the European Green Capital) leading the way we can all look forward to a source of renewable energy and improved air quality.

Take a look at the video footage


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Wessex Water