Now is the time to check and service pumping equipment

Pump Technology MD Jon Barker details why he believes now is the time for catering equipment dealers and engineers to help operators get back up and running:

The winter lockdown has once again put many plans for the catering and hospitality sector on hold. But now the industry is eagerly waiting to discover what the government plans for the spring and summer of the coming year.

The 2020 Eat Out to Help Out scheme was a great success and now, once again, the catering sector is really keen to get back up to speed as fast as possible. Therefore, being ready to go once customers start coming through the door on day one will be vital.

Ensuring that all catering equipment required for the smooth operation of a commercial kitchen is in top working order is essential. This includes pumped wastewater systems from services such as sinks, dish- and glasswashers, pasta makers and combi ovens etc.

Specialist catering pump experts Pump Technology, based in Berkshire, are able to advise on everything related to these pumping systems. This includes replacement or new pumps or re-commissioning and maintenance support.

This may be also the perfect time to install a new, more efficient unit such as our DrainMajor floor mounted, wastewater pumping system range which covers almost all pumping needs for the catering industry.

There are a number of tank sizes available in the range, so a pumping system can be fitted almost anywhere. The inlet or inlets can be easily cut on-site to facilitate the straightest pipework runs.

The tanks are of robust polyethylene material and tank lids are secured in place over a sturdy encapsulated lid seal with hand-screws. This means it’s easy to inspect the tanks for a build-up of debris and no tools are required for removing the lid.

Pumps come in a variety of sizes and designs suiting discharge heads up to 12metres and temperatures up to 90°C.

To complete a successful installation, ancillary equipment includes the PTL1A High-Level Alarm and the FlowSafe High-level Alarm with Solenoid valves to turn of feed water to equipment such as commercial dishwashers in the event of a problem, while MicroVent carbon filters allow pumping equipment to be vented within the building if an external vent is not possible.

Commenting on this market, Alan Picken from JS Plumbing Services Ltd said:

“We work with many fit-out contractors for leading brands such as Pizza Express, Wagamama etc. and the DrainMajor is a pump of first choice for us – it’s simply reliable!”

“In particular we like the DrainMajor Duo, as it offers a second pump backup, if the first pump should become clogged for example. We have also fitted a number of EffluMaxi floor mounted lifting stations for restaurant toilet facilities.”

Selecting the right pump for each location is critical for the reliability and long life of the equipment. The experienced team at Pump Technology works with each customer to fully understand the application before recommending the optimum selection and also best commercial system to keep each project in budget.

We offer a nationwide service, next day delivery for pumping systems, ancillary equipment and replacement pumps. In addition, the Pumping Partner scheme means all of our equipment is maintenance supported.

This really is the right time to take the opportunity to check, clean out and service all of the pumping systems associated with catering establishments and, if there are any questions or problems, to get in touch with a specialist who can help to save both time and money as we all look forward to the sector opening for business.