We are your One Stop Pump Shop


As Builders Merchants and Electrical Wholesalers, you are always looking to extend the sale and keep your customers happy. The last thing you need is your customer going to a competitor for something you don’t stock or a product you cannot help with.

There is a way where you can benefit from a simple sales and delivery process, providing you wa profitable revenue stream with no hassle – the One Stop Pump Shop.

More pumps and pumping systems are being installed by your customers than ever, but you cannot possibly stock everything nor have the knowledge to specify the correct products, but we do.

How does it work?

It’s a simple and proven concept, we act as an extension of your sales team.

We act on your behalf and handle the enquiry and specify the solution – all you do is benefit and keep your client happy. The sales goes through you as normal, we can even deliver directly to your client, saving more time and effort.

Our phones are manned by pumping experts who can specify and assist in the selection of all products required so your client can be sure he is getting the right thing – we don’t hide behind voicemail or answer phones.

No more walking away from deals. Increasing customer satisfaction client retention has got to be excellent news for any merchant or wholesaler.

The opportunity for you

There is a huge market for new pump systems and replacement pumping systems and your customers are dealing with them daily – probably not through you.

We offer you the ability to pass the problem to us to solve – keeping your client happy, then closing the sale and deliver the products to them – maximising client satisfaction, repeat business and increased profits to you.

So why not try us out – call our One Stop Pump Shop number now to see how we can help you help your client.