Replacement Toilet Pump System enables new Nightclub to open in Southend

Back to normal – A well-known night club chain has recently opened a brand-new site in Southend and since covid regulations have been relaxed it has been operating pretty much at full capacity!

However, during its re-fit, when the extensive modern toilet facilities were planned, concern was raised over the age and lack of service history of the existing systems. These consisted of 24 male urinals, WCs and washbasins, plus a similar number of WCs for the ladies.

Building service experts Jet Flow UK were called in to survey the problem and propose recommendations.

They reported that the existing floor mounted sewage pump sytems were very old and there were no records of them ever being serviced. The new owners required an effective plan to ensure that the pumping system, which pumps waste from all of these basement toilets and facilities up to road level, would be correctly specified, installed and serviced. This would guard against ongoing blockages and failures which might cause unwanted guest disruption and potential losses or even closures.

Ben Butterick of Jet Flow UK discussed the performance and footprint of the old toilet pump system with the Pump Technology Ltd technical team and a two Jung Pumpen 1025/4BW 3 phase floor mounted toilet pump system was recommended as a replacement.

These will provide a duty standby sewage pumping system, typically capable of pumping 49m3/hr at 6m head and therefore ideal for handling the peak flows that this type of building experiences. The dual pumps feature vortex impellers with a free passage flow of 70mm. They are controlled by a common rigid float arm. This robust arrangement is the bench-mark of the industry.

Night clubs are renowned for being tough on sewage pumps. It seems that, at some time, just about everything – phones, clothing, wet wipes, sanitary items, keys and much more will find their way down the toilet.

Many of these “foreign” items are simply pumped away, while others will rattle around relatively harmlessly inside the large collecting tank until they are removed during regular servicing.

With the new system, if one pump should become blocked, the control panel will sound an alarm and the standby pump will immediately operate. Appropriate maintenance can then be carried out.

Jet Flow UK has been awarded a 24/7 repair service and maintenance contract for the night club. In this type of extremely “heavy” use installation an inspection is recommended every 3 to 6 months due to the potential high number of foreign items falling (or being thrown) into the system. 

Ben says “We have used Pump Technology Ltd, as our go-to company for many years now. Price obviously matters, but as importantly we rely on their detailed and experienced knowledge of all pumps and applications. The icing on the cake for a maintenance company like us, is the fact they hold a large and vast array of pumps in stock. The large lifting stations for this project were on the shelf and delivered to site the next day for example”

“The Jung Pumpen Compli 1025/4BW were easy to install. We also replaced the inlet sluices and discharge gates. The self-contained units arrived fully preset from the factory. This meant that commissioning just required our engineers to check the sequence of the duty pump change-over, alarm and standby pump operation. Incidentally, it would also have been possible to connect the alarm to a BMS or even remote monitoring system if this had been a requirement”.

The club’s wastewater and sewage pumping system is now fully functional and the club is looking forward to many years of “Normal” service!