Waste Water And Sewage Pumping Case Study


Project Location: Strand Dining Rooms, Trafalgar Square, London
Requirements: Waste Water and Sewage Pumping Systems for basement located kitchen and diners toilets

The Client

The new Strand Dining Rooms, overlooking Trafalgar Square and Nelsons column, will be opening as London’s premiere themed restaurant, that of a traditional Pullman Coach. With its prime London position and offering quality British all-day dinning – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – it is certainly is going to be one of the Capitals’ success stories and busy right through the day and night.

The restaurant services- Kitchen wastewater and dinners’ toilets – have to be pumped, as these facilities are positioned in the restaurant’s extensive refurbished basement. Therefore, the pumping equipment needs a pedigree that demonstrates robustness and reliability in this demanding heavy footfall environment.

The Solution

Building Services Consulting Engineers Lehding Services Design Ltd discussed the pumping specification with the UK’s leading independent pump specialist, Pump Technology Ltd. Focusing in the domestic and commercial pumping market, Pump Technology Ltd customers include Costa Coffee, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken… all relying on its water, waste water pump and sewage pump stations to keep their retail outlets services running reliably.

For the Strand Restaurant the Pump Technology-manufactured Drain Major and Drain King were selected for the kitchen sinks and commercial dish washing machines; whilst the sewage from the diner’s toilets is pumped by the floor-mounted micro pump station, the Efflu Maxi, Jung Pumpen. The Drain Major, and Drain King, a duplex wastewater pumping system, consists of a Jung Pumpen pump with integral fixed float-arm, plumed inside a GRP tank with easy-removable lid. It is designed to fit under a work surface. The tank is supplied with an assembled outlet and non return value, the inlet is then cut onsite by the installer K & M Technical Services Ltd to suit the kitchen waste-pipe configuration, making the Drain Major and Drain King customised to the site layout.

Both the Drain Major and Drain King wastewater collecting tank and pumping solutions are fitted with a high level float, which is connected to a remote alarm giving an audio warning. The remote alarm is also battery-powered in the event of mains failure; and specialist contractor, K&M Technical Services Ltd, have also connected the alarm to the Strand Dining Rooms Building Management System.

The Drain range is capable of pumping food solids from kitchen macerators, maximum 30mm solids and hot water from commercial dish washing machines up to 90 deg c. The Pump Technology Ltd, Efflu Maxi provides a compact floor-mounted micro sewage lifting station for all the dinners’ toilets. For installers such as K&M Technical Services Ltd, they welcome the Efflu Maxi for its floor mounting ease of installation.

The Efflu maxi is a packaged offsite sewage pumping station, it consists of a polyethylene collecting tank offering multiple inlet entry’s, duplex free flow vortex pumps design for raw sewage, non-return value and control panel. The Efflu Maxi is available in single phase or three phases, its control panel allowing both a remote alarm and connection to a Building Management System. Pump Technology Ltd provide commissioning, warranty and maintenance contracts nationally to support its pumping installations, and together with Lehding Services Design Ltd and K&M Technical Services Ltd we look forward to the successful opening and operation of the Stand Dining Rooms, 7th July 2014 run by Mark Harris.

Download the full case study here