Drainage pump type BEST ONE – VOX

AISI 304 stainless steel submersible pump with mechanical seal made of Ceramic/Carbon/NBR and oversized oil chamber. Possibility of fixed or mobile installation and suitable for domestic applications and large industrial drainage installations.

  • Sturdy design, corrosion resistant
  • Possibility to use in fixed and mobile installations
  • Practical and easy to use


• Emptying of basements, garages, cellars or rooms subject to flooding
• Emptying of tanks and reservoirs
• Supply of garden fountains


AISI 304 stainless steel submersible pump with mechanical seal in Ceramic/Carbon/NBR and oversized oil chamber that increase the life and reliability.

BEST ONE has a semi-open impeller, while BEST ONE VOX is equipped with vortex type impeller, to ensure a greater free passage and reduce the possibility of clogging.

The electric pumps offer great versatility of installation (fixed or mobile) due to the possibility of choosing between the vertical magnetic float switch (of reduced size) or the float switch.
These solutions also allow you to choose the best pump insertion option according to the space available.

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