DrainMinor S (Shower Waste Pump)

DRAINMINOR S (Shower Waste Pump) units have been designed to pump hot wastewater from one or more shower drain trays. A sink or basin can also be

Key features:

  • Low Level inlet height 70 mm base to centreline
  • One or more shower trays or sinks can be connected
  • Jung Pumpen U3SL pump ensures reliable operation

The shower waste pump will handle hot water up to 60°C, or even higher temperatures for short periods and can deal with shampoos and gels etc.

DrainMinor tanks are made from Recyclable Polyethylene. Recycling polyethylene is highly cost effective. It is greener than incineration, far more eco-friendly than landfill disposal and easier to use when manufacturing products such as toys, recycling bins, envelopes and much more.


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