Pump Technology continues to help

We are very privileged with our association with Tadley Rugby Club that we can help so many youngsters to achieve great things on the rugby field. It is great to watch them progress through the rugby ranks into fine young players and more importantly confident giving members of the community.

But what is perhaps even more special is the ability we have to help those youngsters that through physical or mental impairment cannot put on a pair of rugby boots, but simply want the chance to be involved and so we were delighted to be able to help one young man, Charles, attend his very first live rugby match at Madjeski stadium.

Without the support of his carer, Laura, who cannot do enough for Charles, the London Irish team and staff we wouldn’t have been able to give Charles a day that he could remember so we really want to thank all those individuals that made this day special for him.

As you can see from the pictures Charles had an absolutely fantastic time, and we hope that he will be a regular guest of ours in the Pump Technology Poo Corner for many more matches in the future.