As part of their corporate philanthropy programme, Aldermaston based Pump Technology Ltd are supporting SKRUM, a rugby playing charity based in South Africa.

SKRUM purpose and aims:
An equal Eswatini, free from HIV/AIDS infection.

SKRUM Mission:
To give hope to the youth of Eswatini. The charity uses the game of rugby to engage the children, at the same time educating them about HIV/AIDS, inspiring better leadership in communities, raising awareness of gender violence and promoting the benefits of school and education.

SKRUM Values:
To share rugby’s core values of respect, discipline, passion, solidarity and integrity.

SKRUM Strategy:
Pass the Ball, Not the Virus.
Since 2008, SKRUM has visited 650 of the 817 schools in Eswatini and each year they reach 12,000 young people through school and community sessions. SKRUM introduces them to rugby takes the opportunity to educate the children in HIV/AIDS, gender & health awareness and the social skills necessary for healthy and responsible living. SKRUM also provides dedicated classroom sessions, explicitly reinforcing the crucial and life-changing HIV/AIDS message.

After visiting a school, ‘Sipho’, the SKRUM logo, is painted onto a wall in order that the SKRUM message of Pass the Ball Not the Virus stays with the children long after the session has ended. During school holidays and weekends, SKRUM runs rugby sessions and tournaments in local communities, reaching out to adults as well as children.

Jeremy Brownlee, Chairman of Pump Technology Ltd and an ex rugby player himself, comments. “In my youth I played in Eswatian (it was then called Swaziland) and enjoyed the hospitality of the people and the natural beauty of the landscape. We are proud to be supporting this very worthwhile charity and look forward to seeing the children develop and grow through the SKRUM programme.!

Currently, rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in Eswatini and figures for HIV/AIDS infection are starting to fall. SKRUM is proud to be playing a part in this.

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