Pump Technology’s NEW Virtual Showroom & Media Room

The New Pump Technology Ltd., Virtual Showroom & Media Room is a state-of-the art facility available to all of their customers from specifiers and architects to installers and end-users.

The company can now communicate visually with a caller to explain and demonstrate a product in detail. Their technical team can remotely (virtually) explain features such as the operation and maintenance of wastewater and sewage pumps and pumping systems in a completely new way.

The PT “One Stop Pump Shop” facility is equipped with a comprehensive range of the pumps and working models which they offer. These include:

  • Floor Mounted pumping systems – Compli, Hebefix, DrainMajor
  • Below ground pumping stations – MiniMatic, PumpMatic
  • All manufactures – Jung Pumpen*, KSB, ABS, Lowara, Grundfos, Saniflo and many more.

Another distinct advantage of the new facility is the ease with which company staff can work with callers (using mobiles with video calling) who are “on-site”, to identify, troubleshoot and find solutions for pump problems quickly and efficiently to save time and ensure the right solution is achieved.
To arrange an online presentation, ask for product advice or view before you buy, call their technical team who will then use the most appropriate on-line systems to enable a virtual visit.

Pictures Show the new facility in use.

*Pump Technology Ltd, is authorised by Jung Pumpen GmbH for specification, supply and support.