Yacht club prepares for the unthinkable…

Yacht Club

Pump Technology, contacted UYC to offer its unique equipment to assist should the club be hit by another flood.

Clive Vare, a project manager for Pump Technology, said: “Our firm made contact with Ullswater Yacht Club after one of their members telephoned us for advice. We were sad to hear of the severe flooding which Storm Desmond caused to the area and were happy to offer our assistance.

“Hopefully, the area will not be affected by flooding again, but should this happen our flood emergency kit will certainly be of immense value.”

We have donated the flood protection equipment to the club and, should an emergency flooding situation arise, it will enable members to react quickly to tackle the problem.

It comes in a carrying case, which acts as a filter and quickly pumps water out of a building via the fire hose.

Peter Lewis, the commodore of Ullswater Yacht Club, said:

“We are extremely grateful to Pump Technology for kindly donating the flood water pump emergency kit. If the area is again hit by flooding our members can use the kit to fight back and limit damage and recover quickly.

“The kit can also be used for other purposes, including getting rid of excess water in boats at risk of sinking.”

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