Pumping sewage uphill

David demoing the Flushmaster

At Pump Technology, we are often asked to perform the near impossible, and it is great to almost always have a solution!

A common request is for a pump unit which will allow toilet systems to be installed in places like basements or lower floor accommodation. This poses significant problems to most solutions but not for the Flushmaster toilet waste pump from Pump Technology.

The Flushmaster provides total flexibility in designing bathroom and toilet facilities in both commercial and light industrial situations. It is the only unit capable of pumping horizontally, or with a double lift and even at an uphill gradient.

By using a vortex impeller submersible pump, the Flushmaster provides an open free flow sewage and wastewater pumping capability like no other product on the market. Most conventional units use a domestic rated cutter pump which is prone to blocking and are very inefficient in operation.

From a design aspect, the Flushmaster can be installed directly behind a toilet unit or mounted behind a partition wall, so again offers multiple options. Pipe requirements can be either DN32(28mm ID) or DN40(36IN) and a full set of connections are supplied with the unit so installation will be straightforward and simple.

Another feature of the Flushmaster is the reliability of the unit. This is achieved by using a high-grade vortex pump impeller with large clearances, making it more tolerant of user abuse and clogging.

In the event of a clog, the pump shaft can be accessed via a small hole in the cover allowing a screwdriver to locate in the pump shaft. By reversing the impeller shaft, the blockage will drop out and allow the pump to work freely again. The unit has an audible alarm to warn of blockages if they occur.

Any part can be replaced and access to the components inside the cover has been made simple – just 2 screws allow the cover to be removed and allow removal of the pump unit and all other components as required.

So just one solution that proves you can pump sewage uphill!!

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