Rainforest Trust UK – An update

Some Wastewater Pumping Systems are doing more than others!

We’re excited to share the news that we have just hit our target of 1000 off Jung Pumpen DrainMinor and DrainMajor wastewater pumping systems specified and sold, which means that we can send our promised donation the Rainforest Trust UK.

Our donation will protect 3,145 acres of Brazilian amazon, the world’s largest tropical rainforest.

As you know these systems have collecting tanks manufactured from recyclable Polyethylene. Therefore, it also means a 1000 off collecting tanks situated in commercial building across the UK can now be recycled when the time comes and not sent to landfill as is the case for tanks constructed from GRP for instance.

What we specify makes a difference!

This happened because-

Pump Technology Ltd, (Authorized by Jung Pumpen GmbH), based in Berkshire wanted to emphasize that the Jung Pumpen DrainMinor and DrainMajor wastewater pumping system was beneficial, because the collecting tanks were recyclable, this is not the case for all pumping systems.

Pump Technology Ltd therefore sponsored the Rainforest trust as a good environmental cause giving £5.00 for every DrainMinor and DrainMajor pumping system specified and sold.

Thanks to your specification and sales we have quickly reached the target of 1,000 units and it was our pleasure to send a payment of £5,000 to the Rainforest Trust.

This donation will help Rainforest Trust and our local partners to permanently safeguard 20 million acres of the Brazilian Amazon across multiple projects. This vital work will provide a safe haven for at least 70 threatened species and secure the territories of 150,000 Indigenous people. By doing so, we will pull the Amazon back from the tipping point and safely lock up more than 6 billion metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents, to diminish the global impacts of climate change.

Many thanks for supporting this important cause.